Monday, July 19, 2010

Diaper Cake & Paci Clips

When Chris mentioned that he wanted to throw a diaper shower for a couple on the softball team, I was very excited.  Our friends did one for us when we had Taylor and it was so helpful to have all those diapers already on hand.  I also figured this was a good excuse for me to attempt my first diaper cake.

       IMG_0336IMG_0334 IMG_0335  IMG_0337 

I am always seeing cute creations while looking at craft blogs and couldn’t resist the chance to tryout making my own pacifier clips.  Taylor used the MAM pacifiers and it was impossible to find cute clips.  I ran into a few snags while making them and learned that the sewing machine isn’t the only thing in my craft room that can hate me.  Maybe I can master how to put snaps on before I attempt this for baby L. 


If you want to try these out yourself, great instructions can be found at the following blogs:

Create Studio

this and that

Ruffles and Stuff

I have to admit that I also enjoyed making boy stuff.  I love pink and girly stuff, but blues and greens are fun to work with too.  I’m already planning out baby L’s softball version of the blue paci clip.  What shapes would you put on the end of a paci clip?

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sweetsong said...

There goes Wendy being amazingly creative again. I love seeing your creative side!!!!!!!


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