Saturday, July 10, 2010

29 by 30 update

I am down to less than a month before the big 3-0 and just thought I would take a minute to keep myself in check on my to-do list.  If I’ve completed the task it’s marked off and if it’s in progress then an update is in purple.

1. Travel out of state again

2. Take Taylor to a Tech football game - I wasn’t able to take Taylor to a Tech football game so I can’t mark that one off on my list, but she now says ‘football’ when we turn football games on and she cheers for Tech.  I am working on her guns up so that she has it down by the first game.

3. Master the art of snow cone making at home

4. Finally get my craft room organized(it’s been a bit scary in here lately) - The craft room is coming along and I hope to post pictures soon.  We are gathering for a garage sale so some stuff has been piling up in there.  Plus we are currently on a whole house reorganize/complete rooms mission while getting the baby’s room ready.

5. Lie on the beach - Didn’t get to do this one yet, but I’ve done my fair share of lounging in a chair poolside or sitting poolside while my cabana girl(Taylor) dumps cools me off with water.

6. Try to read at least a book a month – I am rocking this thanks to Misty and her endless stream of books. 

7. Paint my dining room purple(I have to convince Chris this is a good idea first) – Not sure this is going to happen now that I have turned the dining room into my craft room.  I might adjust this to be ‘add more purple to the dining room’. 

8. Take tons of pictures of Taylor – completed and then some!

9. Take Taylor to the Trail of Lights - Due to extra travel, sick kid, and just flat ran out of time we did not make it down to Trail of Lights but we took her on several car rides to look at Christmas lights.  Plus I heard they changed the Trail of Lights and it’s not quite what it used to be :(

10. Start holiday traditions with Taylor – I am trying to establish family traditions and also do craft projects with her for each holiday to make it fun. 

11. Eat at Hula Hut(yes I know I’m a bad Austinite for living here for 6 1/2 yrs and never visiting) – maybe I’ll take my mom there while she’s in town next weekend

12. Rub it in to Chris that I’m still in my 20’s while he is in his 30’s

13. Blog more – not sure if I am or not, but I’m trying

14. Create at least 12(one for each month) scrapbook pages for 2009 – oops, better get on that one right away!!!!

15. Knit or crochet a blanket for our living room – I really should read my own blog more and keep up with this to-do list.  Is it bad to add your to-do list to your to-do list???

16. Finish Taylor’s alphabet book(and blog about it)

17. Truly clean out my closet – started, but not quite finished

18. Organize all my holiday decorations and get rid of the stuff I haven’t used the past two years

19. Volunteer with the church

20. Sew a pillowcase dress for Taylor

21. Go on more date nights with the hubby

22. Own a brand new car

23. Recycle more – this gets easier the more you do, now if I could convince the city to give us bigger recycling container for the curb with a cover I would be in heaven!

24. Spend a few days with Tay where we never get out of our PJ’s

25. Go to New York with my Mom and best friend – and my mother-in-law and two of my sister-in-laws came too :)

26. Have a spa day(hint hint honey) – I’ve got the gift certificate, now I just need to pick a day to go

27. Update my cookbook and create a list of our favorites for a quick reference – I am working on trying some new recipes so that will help in our dinner rotation.  Props go to Annalee for providing us with so many new dinner options that are fast, easy, and Chris loves!

28. Take a cooking class – I’ve looking into them and my MIL is going to join me so we are finding a time that is good for both of us.

29. Blog about each of these items as I complete them

So overall I have completed 14, 4 may not be accomplishable at this point, and the rest I have less than a month to complete and intend to do so.  I am in motivation mode right now and wear Chris out with all my tasks around the house lately.  Looking forward to completing the rest of these and curling up with a good book!


Lareina Curtis-Wellings said...

I love that you add your To-Do-List to your To-Do-List!!

annalee said...

looking good!!!


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