Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Life Thursday

July 18th – We enjoyed Nana’s last day here in Austin with lunch at Hula Hut.  Taylor enjoyed looking at the lake and we even got a picture of Baby L 24 weeks(6 months) along.


July 19th – We had a swim playdate at Yaya and Pawpaws with Graham, Leili, Marie, Emma, Laurel, and Cyrus.  The kids had a blast playing in the waterfall and we look forward to doing this again!


July 20th – This week I am volunteering at Vacation Bible School while Taylor is in the nursery part of it.  I was on snack duty(hence the lovely gloves) and it took everything I had not to enjoy the snacks myself.


July 21st – Taylor’s not the only person enjoying the new playroom, but after all the work to put it together she enjoys using Daddy as a jungle gym the best.  Here she is ‘uppy-side-down’ and loving it!


July 22nd – Even the best days while wearing a tutu and tiara are rough!


July 23rd – Today was the last day of vacation bible school and Taylor’s teachers surprised me with these adorable pictures of her!  She loved going each day and kept asking to go see her ‘friends’ each morning.  This was a great test run for preschool in the fall to see how hard it would be to get her up and going each day.  Good thing she’ll only go two days a week because I missed our mornings together playing!


July 24th – Tonight we went out to the Kanetzky ranch to surprise PawPaw with a birthday/celebration of making NECA VP party.  Taylor loved running around with the other kids and got really excited about the silly string until someone sprayed her.  She also insisted that she wear her pink dress.  She is very much into pink, dresses, and bows right now.



Jenn said...

This is such a neat project, I love it! Can't wait to see what next week looks like ;)

Sara said...

I love the project too - I enjoy reading about your week. Taylor's dress in the last picture is adorable!!


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