Thursday, July 22, 2010

Project Life weekly update

Now that you know what Project Life is, here’s a chance to see it in action.  The book comes with stickers that you can put on each picture to mark the day of the week, but I finally remembered to add it in photoshop and use my fonts.  I’m curious to see how these print out.  Anyways… here is last week for us.

Sunday, July 11th – For the first time Taylor actually swam on her own(with arm floaties).  She was so excited that she kept asking to do it again and again.  I’m holding my hands up to show that Mama is not helping her.07.11

Monday, July 12th – Taylor loves to raid my closet and jewelry box, but today she declared my red shoes her ‘dancing shoes’. 07.12

Tuesday, July 13th – I had to work today, so Jennifer and Graham hung out with Taylor while I worked.  Taylor reminded him that everyone has a little bit of princess in them and that tools are also an important part of life. 07.13

No picture for Wednesday

Thursday, July 15th – Taylor had asked for pink ice cream for dessert, but quickly pushed that aside when she saw Mama’s ice cream cone.  I was informed that she would eat mine while I could eat the pretend cone.   07.15

Friday, July 16th – I can’t believe it took us so long to make it to the sprinkler park, but once there Taylor was in heaven.  A bucket also helps add to the fun!


Saturday, July 17th – Taylor took full advantage of Nana while she was in town and had her playing all kinds of games like a barrel of monkeys.


Have a great Thursday!

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