Wednesday, August 15, 2012

KAL: Chugging Along

Just in case some of my blogger friends and non-knitters were wondering, KAL stands for Knit ALong.  I know I can knit anything I want at any time I want, but this Summer Sweater KAL gave me boundaries for what type of project and a deadline to be done.  My knitting wish list is quite long and grew even longer when I started seeing all the other great projects people are working on for the KAL.  Taylor keeps asking if I’ve started on her knitting project yet and I keep telling her I’m working on the pattern.  It’s true, but two projects on needles is enough for me right now.  I love my two projects so much I know they will be put the back burner once Taylor knows that hers has been started.  Plus I am hoping she forgets about it and I can surprise the girls with the completed projects at Christmas.  Is anyone else already thinking about Christmas gifts yet?  I found several items on Target clearance and have them stashed away already.  Let’s just hope I don’t forget about them between now and then. 

Okay… back to knitting.  I’ve made some progress on my sweater.  Not enough for it to look like a sweater yet, but you can see my progress here and here.   I haven’t spent as much time knitting due to birthday festivities over the weekend and but I did get a couple of rounds done.  Only a few more before I start arm holes.  I’m a little nervous about the armholes and neck hole.  Cross your fingers that I get this right.  This yarn is too beautiful to screw this sweater up.


For some reason the pattern doesn’t want to photograph well for me.  I hope this close-up gives you a better idea of the open weave pattern across the body.


Also cross your fingers because I will need to wind another ball of yarn soon and I don’t think my winder is playing nice yet.

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