Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it a sweater yet???

Thanks to the Olympics I can’t seem to pull myself away from watching and therefore I have plenty of knitting time too.  Does that count as being somewhat productive?  I got my new sweater cast on the needles and have been knitting away.  It knits from the bottom up, so unless I get as skinny as my circular needles(ha ha) then I won’t get to try this on for a while.  I am loving the color and the feel of the yarn as it knits.  I’ve been working with so many wool yarns that it’s odd to switch to linen feel yarn.  Poor Chris has to listen to me ask ‘Does it look like a sweater yet?’ more times that he probably wants to hear and knows that he will continue to hear it for a while. 

IMG_3829What do you think?  Does it look like a sweater yet? ha!

Since I love making projects with requests in mind, I had decided that one knitting project at a time was boring and started on another for my Etsy store.  Stay tuned to fine out what you might to be able wear soon.  Until then, here’s a hint:


Have you been watching the Olympics like crazy too?  Shout out to our girls gymnastics team!  Woo-hoo girls!!!  Plus way to go men’s swimming to help Phelps win #19! 


Laura said...

The green sweater looks delicious to knit - is it Madelinetosh? If not, it looks awfully close! I'm not sure if the Olympics inspire knitting time, or if knitting time inspires watching the Olympics, but I'm doing the same!

Jenn said...

I somehow missed this post, but both projects look awesome! I always bother Kevin with projects I'm making and usually end up taking a cell phone pic and sending it to my mom for an opinion! Great job Wendy!


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