Wednesday, August 1, 2012

21 months

I know, why 21 months?  Well I had good intentions of an 18 month old post, then a 20 month since 18 never happened.  And now another month has passed and I feel like if I don’t write down(or blog) about some of the funny things you do, then they might get forgotten.  Poor second kid doesn’t get blogged about near as much as the first one, but you make up for it with personality and making sure that everyone knows where you are unless you are up to no good.

(I apologize for the multitude of photos and really long post now)

You are our Elizabeth, Lizzie, Lizbear, Lil Bit, or Busy Lizzie.  Each day is a new adventure with you.  Most mornings I can plan on you being up by 7 am and ready to watch Bubble Guppies as soon as you get up.  Then food is a must in your book, followed by going through every drawer in the bathroom or my bedroom.  You must have an incredible nose bc you can find my candy stashes everytime.  Don’t you know that Mommy needs sugar in order to keep up with you.

IMG_2593 IMG_3689

Then it’s time to get Taylor up(since she took notes and learned to sleep in) and you proudly beat on her door until I open it and run in exclaiming ‘Ga Mornin'!!!’  You are so proud for learning this phrase and then push her aside as you climb in her bed.  Oh sisterly love is so sweet. ha!



Then you go between eating(everything but what is healthy) and running around like a crazy woman.  I never know what to expect out of you and you are constantly doing things that make me crack up.  Then you will climb on top of the play kitchen or rearrange my k-cups and drive me crazy.  Is it bad that you know how to say coffee?  Maybe it’s because I often claim I need lots of it when you think 6 am is a good time to get up.

IMG_2597 IMG_2530


You have never heard of doing it the easy way and like to try everything your own way.  Sometimes it’s fun to watch you go at it and other times I feel our first ER trip with you is not too far in our future.

IMG_2478  IMG_2484   IMG_2709

You LOVE Taylor.  You two can make each other laugh the hardest and scream the loudest.  You want to be just like her and have whatever she has.  The problem with that is that she doesn’t always want to give you what she has.

IMG_3297IMG_2604 IMG_2669 

You have your own style and proudly wear it.  You love to play dress up and wear sunglasses(aka eyes).  You are fascinated by Daddy in his hats(especially his straw hat) and love to play with them too.  You love to dance.  We are still trying to convince you that you don’t need the Wii controller when you dance and hearing you say ‘wiggle, wiggle, wiggle’ to LMFAO is the funniest thing yet. 

IMG_2609   P1000298 P1000336 P1000346 P1000371 P1000403 

You nod your head and have a cute little uh-huh when you sweetly want something.  You can now say please, thank you, and welcome but when gently asked what you say the response is currently “please, welcome”.  Some of your favorite phrases are: I got it, there it is, you okay?, I okay, po-sicle(popsicle), I cookie(I want a cookie).  You had your first roadtrip watching a movie and still don’t quite understand headphones, but love the concept.  You loved your first slurpee(thank you free slurpee day) and pretty much love anything frozen like snow cones and popsicles.  I can get you to eat all kinds of veggies in popsicles, which is good since you only want to eat cheese, pasta, mac n cheese, cereal, goldfish and cookies.  I swear you could almost go back to taking a short morning nap right now.  You did take one in your stroller everyday during VBS and still napped later on just fine.  I keep telling you kid, sleeping in would make everyone much happier.

IMG_3330    IMG_2632 IMG_2643  IMG_2678 

You make us smile, love to bounce and jump on Daddy, pretend to be my pack-pack(backpack), love to color, snuggle with your lambie when you get tired, and water activities make you happy.  I can’t believe you will be 2 in a few months, but I also can’t imagine our life without you.  Happy 21 months lil bit!IMG_3518

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