Thursday, August 9, 2012

First round down

I finally got the first round of ‘pattern’ done on the body of my sweater and keep asking Chris if it looks even more like a sweater now.  Not sure it looks like a sweater but more like a green blob of linen.  I can’t wait to get a few more rounds of the pattern done so that I can really see how it’s going to look. 

IMG_3975I also wish this was knit from the top down so I could start trying it on. I have a feeling it might be too big but I will be happy with a looser fitting sweater for my ‘fat’ days. Who’s kidding, I have those all the time. I should have ‘skinny’ days instead. I started my second ball of yarn and with that needed to wind my third ball to have it ready. I really should have spent the extra time at the yarn shop to have them ball all my yarn for me. The winder and I didn’t quite see eye to eye, I said a few curse words, and it knotted my yarn up even crazier. Maybe if I talk sweet talk it first then I might have better results.

IMG_3977  I use the metal interchangeable needles bc it is the most budget friendly way to go once you learn to love circular needles.  The only problem while working with this yarn is that the needles kept unscrewing.  I was so afraid the yarn would snag on the ends that I ended up switching to a non-changeable needle set.  Does anyone else have this problem?  If so, have you found a solution?IMG_3980Can you see the open holes?  It’s so hard to see right now and I hope to have much more done by next week.  I’ve also been working on the gray knitted item, but want to wait a little longer before posting reveal pics.  Off to get a little knitting in before the little ones get up from nap!


Lareina said...

Wow! I'm impressed Wendy! Keep on knitting:)

Laura said...

Hey Wendy! It looks great - keep knitting! It's funny that you mention wanting to knit from the top down - I'm knitting 2 sweaters that way, and now I want to knit one from the bottom up! LOL! The grass is always greener...


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