Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend with Nana

Sorry that I’ve taken a bit of a blogging break(aside from Taylor Tuesday).  Life has been a bit busy around here and I haven’t been good about keeping up with this part of life.

My mom came in town this past weekend and we had a wonderful time playing, shopping, playing, eating, and just relaxing around the house.  It had been a few months since Taylor had seen her Nana, but it only took a little bit before she was taking Nana’s hand instead of mine, and she still asks for Nana when she gets up in the morning or after nap.  Here are some pictures from our weekend of fun. 

As if she doesn’t keep me on my toes enough already, Taylor figured out how to crawl thru the tunnel on her playscape that leads to another exit.  Now she has me running from one side to another to make sure she doesn’t fall.  Does this count as exercise?  I threw a couple of Tay’s ‘cheese’ pictures for you.  They frustrate me and make me laugh at the same time.  Goofy girl!

IMG_5372 IMG_5382 IMG_5392

IMG_5398 IMG_5402   IMG_5400

I love how after Taylor is done with us pushing her in the swing, she insists that you sit in the big swing and she pushes you.  Then she runs around and stands under the playscape to say ‘hi’ as you swing.  She LOVES playing on her playscape and runs to the rail to wave ‘Hi’.  I did learn that maybe it’s not wise for me to crawl through the tunnel or try to fit my big butt down the slide.  Plus I really don’t like that our dog has taken to using the bathroom in the grass near the bottom of the slide.  (Honey can you take care of that issue???) 

If you have stairs and a toddler then you will understand the next photo.  We have two small landings half way up the stairs and this is often a stalling point for Taylor.  Lately little miss has decided it would be funny to try and stand on her head while playing on the stairs.  She turns so that she can see me and giggles.  I do have to admit this is worth the stalling. 


We loved having you for the weekend Mom/Nana and can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks!!!  We love you!

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