Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taylor Tuesday

I am still running into the issue that Taylor says ‘Cheese’ and does this goofy look every time I pull the camera out.  I was able to catch one of her while she was pretending to change baby Emma’s diaper.  Taylor has started pretending lately and I think this was a cross between pretending and having fun pulling all the wipes out of the container.  Now if only Taylor laid as still as baby Emma when it comes to diaper changing!



Jenn said...

I love that the pretending stage has begun too! It is so fun to see what they will come up with! (Graham also enjoys changing baby's diaper and will wipe her all over with a wipe- so funny!)

sweetsong said...

We went through a whole year of goofy smiles hopefully yours will be shorter. :) Taylor is at such a sweet stage and I love that blonde hair she is just adorable.

Anonymous said...
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