Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Trick or Treating

Taylor, Ya-Ya, and I ventured up to a local church that always has a pumpkin patch.  Ya-Ya even got there before us and stacked some pumpkins up for the perfect picture.  I am learning that with a toddler you should plan for the best but always anticipate for them to do the exact opposite.  Taylor did not want to sit down for any pictures so I chased our cutie around the pumpkin patch.  It was a bit windy that day, but it made for some funny pig tail photos.  Taylor loved the little pumpkins since they were just her size.

IMG_5219 IMG_5226 IMG_5237

It made me laugh the way she worked really hard at picking out just the right little one (or two).

IMG_5238 IMG_5240 IMG_5247

Tonight was very different then the way we’ve spent the last 5 Halloweens.  We normally have a costume party at our house and spend the evening enjoying adult beverages and running a contest for the best costume.  This year we took a break from the party scene and instead took Taylor for her first time trick-or-treating.  When I started putting her hair in the little ponytail on top, Chris said she had to be Pebbles for Halloween.  After a short fit over not wanting to wear parts of our Halloween costume, our little trick-or-treater was ready to go.  Well, we were ready until Taylor decided to take a pit stop to see if the kitty wanted to go with us.  Then we were off to find some candy. 

IMG_5289 IMG_5290 IMG_5293

We made it to several of our neighbors houses’ without any tears, but Taylor didn’t quite get this trick-or-treat thing until watching some bigger kids go to one door.  Then the guy let her pick out what she wanted and she grabbed a sucker.  It was like winning the lottery in toddler world and Taylor was then done going door to door. 

IMG_5300 IMG_5302 IMG_5304

Not too bad for her first time and I look forward to many more Halloween nights with this little cutie!  In our book she takes first place for the best costume this year!

Happy Halloween!!!


Bellawhoop said...

Cute, cute, cute! She's darling in her Halloween dress (with the cute hair bows).

And Tay is a supercute Pebbles!

annalee said...

i can hardly stand it, she is SO cute! i'm in love with that costume.

sweetsong said...

She made a cute pebbles.


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