Friday, August 7, 2009

Temporarily Distracted


A few weeks ago I noticed that Taylor would actually pay attention to TV when Elmo came on, so I bought her a DVD in attempts to facebook or twitter in peace get the dishwasher unloaded without ‘help’. 

elmo summer vaca The other day I caught her in an Elmo trance and was able to catch a quick picture.  Of course she had to have Bunny and Charlie with her!  Elmo is referred to as ‘Mo’ and Taylor has figured out that he is also on her diapers. 


Is it too early for me to already be tired of this DVD????


annalee said...

oh how i know that elmo trance all too well. adelaide fell in love with elmo on her diapers. they have their marketing down to perfection!

Bellawhoop said...

LOL! That's classic.


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