Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Car

Chris and I have been searching for a new car for me for over a month now and finally made a decision.  I was so excited going into this process, but I think between the Texas heat, too many options, not the right options, and that one typical salesman I started to get frustrated.  We narrowed it down to two cars and would of been happy to drive either one, but one dealership just came in cheaper.  And we all know that a smaller car payment each month makes a BIG difference! 

This is my first brand ‘new’ car and I am so excited!!!  I have loved all my previous cars, but needed something that would last us many years, kiddos(one now and more someday), and a black puppy dog.  Here’s a photo of me with my new car.  Take note the small fuzzy Taylor ponytail in the corner of the picture as she was going to get Dada.


Taylor was ready to go for a ride in Mommy’s new ride.


Wanna ride?

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MySanSouci said...

Don't you love it?? Congrats!!!


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