Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taylor's Room

So our weekends and now even our weeknights are consumed with baby tasks. Saturday we spent the day registering at Babies R Us and then we went to Ikea to get furniture for Taylor's room. My brother and sister-in-law gave us their baby bed, so that was a BIG help and we finished out the rest of the room to match. After looking at several different places, the furniture at Ikea seemed like the best investment and it matched the crib the best. We got a dresser that we can put a changing pad at one end and all the diaper needs on top too. I want all those goodies within reach for fast diaper changes! We also thought this would be a good piece to last a while in her room. I even found little organization cubes and rectangles that fit inside the drawers to help divide it up. Chris thinks I'm such a dork, but I love organization and the fact that Ikea makes items the specifically fit the drawers! I can just see how much it will help for those little items like socks and hair bows. We also got a shelf to go above the dresser for decor items that we do not want Taylor to get her little hands on. We already have some little shoes that Chris' brother and his girlfriend brought the baby back from Germany to put on the shelf. I can't wait to start decorating. The last piece of furniture that we bought was a bookcase. I hope that since I keep having forgetful moments, that Taylor is gaining my brain cells and will need lots of shelf space for books. If she doesn't, then she can use it for toys. The bookcase has the same top design as the shelf and adds a girly touch to the room.

Just so you don't think I'm crazy with all this white furniture, we picked out the paint colors tonight. My scanner is not working right now, but I will try to scan the actual paint chips when I get the new one hooked up. In the meantime, imagine Stampin Up's Gable Green and a much much lighter Lavender Lace. We bought the paint tonight and Chris is going to paint a little bit on two walls tomorrow night so that we can see if we want 2 or 3 walls green. My mom is coming in town this weekend to help with decorating and planning for the nursery. Plus it's always nice to have my mom around!

Just a couple pics of how Taylor's room is coming along, but there are still beer signs on the walls! Guess those will be coming down tomorrow night. You will notice that I still have some items of mine to get out of there too! If you were to look around the floor, you would also find one of Sadie's toys. For some reason she likes to leave a toy in there. Wonder if that's a hint that she's okay sharing with the baby?


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MWIT said...

Ok - weird. I posted a comment on this way back when you posted it, but it doesn't show anything. Strange...Anyway, I love the furniture! It's darling. Just a thought: The beer signs may make excellent night lights. :) Have fun making more preparations...


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