Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KAL: Making progress

Yes I am still knitting over here.  I had to put my sweater down to work on some other projects and once I had a chance to pick it back up, my youngest decided she wanted to “help” me with it each time.  I make enough mistakes on my own and don’t need any little fingers to add to the mix so I put it aside for a week or so.  Well I finally got in some knitting over the holiday weekend and am at the end of the major pattern of the sweater.  From here I knit on straight rows for a few more inches and then attempt armholes.  Notice the word ‘attempt’ because this scares me a bit.  Even better is that I moved half the stitches to another needle set so I could try my sweater on.  It is so hard to tell if it will be too big or too small and this would be a good place to makes some adjustments.  So here it is so far.  Please excuse my end of the day wardrobe self portrait.  As I type this I realize it would not have been too hard to ask Chris to snap a few pics of me wearing it since he laughed when I tried it on.  Not sure why he laughed, but then he knew I geek out about things like this when he married me 9 years ago.


I really like how it’s turning out and how to get in some serious knitting this week so I can start armholes soon.  Maybe I’ll actually be done by the Knit-Along deadline!  I know you rarely see pictures of me on here, but I promise to hand Chris the camera for a picture when it is finished.  Tune in next Wednesday for my next knitting update :)


MySanSouci said...

That is great! I have tried knitting a number of times but haven't gotten past the straight-line that makes a scarf phase.

Victoria Peat said...

Pretty colour. Good luck in finishing for the deadline. I too am trying to get mine done for the end of September


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