Thursday, September 27, 2012


For the past few days I have been trying to catch a picture of Lizzie at naptime to prove this, but a) I was too scared to wake her up and loose my precious kid-free minutes and b) the pictures never turned out due to how dark her room is with the curtains closed.  Lizzie has always known what she wants and rarely is there convincing her otherwise.  Taylor was rarely without a bow until 3, but Lizzie learned early on to take the bow/clip/headband off and hand it right back to me.  Lately she has taken quite an interest in her bows and wants to wear one all day.  She even has them still in her hair when I pick her up from preschool!  She has also decided it is important to keep it on during naptime and tonight it was bedtime too.  How am I to argue with a girl that finally wants to wear bows and knows the importance of accessories?


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MySanSouci said...

So cute! How wonderful that she wants to wear bows...
I love bows!


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