Monday, July 30, 2012

Kids Books

I am a sucker for books, especially for my girls.  I spend forever looking through the Scholastic flyer that comes home with Taylor each month and end up ordering way more than I should each time.  Is there a possibility of too many book?  I keep a small stockpile of books in my closet so that every so often we can surprise the girls with a new book at bedtime.  I love to see the excitement on their face when they realize there is a new adventure to follow that night.  With a group of friends that includes so many teachers, I have discovered many awesome books from their recommendations but recently realized we had a few hidden gems in our library that they weren’t aware of.  Here are a few of our favorite stories and authors:

Little Blue Truck rocks and so does the follow up Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.  The second one is Lizzie’s favorite and we read it every night.  Both books have a great lesson and lots of opportunities for fun sounds.


Karen Katz does a great job with children’s book.  My girls both love Counting Kisses and it was an easy way to teach body parts.

This simple little board book is a favorite of Lizzie’s.  I love the classic Pooh characters shown in the pictures and the reminder of a honey loving bear from my own childhood.

A friend recommended this book a while back on her blog and it became an instant hit at our house.  It is the perfect bedtime story when it’s been a rough day for our preschooler.  I love the lesson and cute pictures.

These dinosaur books make me laugh so hard.  I love the concept of huge dinosaurs throwing a fit or not listening.  There are other books about going to bed, learning colors, and being sick.  We love the pictures in the front and back of dinosaurs doing sweet things for each other. 

Not sure how I found this book but it makes Taylor and I giggle so hard when we imitate the old man shaking his arm at the squirrels.  You are sure giggle at this book a bit too.

It took me half of Taylor’s first year of preschool to understand why she would exclaim “Momma you came back!” each time I picked her up.  The little llama is sad because he has to start school and misses his Momma.  At the end of the day she comes back and he exclaims the same thing.  Guess I should pay more attention to the books I read Taylor.  We have several other of the books like this and they all have cute rhymes and good lessons for kids. 

Oh how I love Splat and his crazy tail!  Plus his little mouse buddy is cute.  This one is great for the first day of school and there are other that go along great with several holiday.

I hope these might give you some great ideas for books for your house.  What are your favorite books? 


Sara said...

We'll have to try The Little Blue Truck books. We also love llama llama books, have read this one though! Right now our kids are loving the Mercer Mayer Little Critter books here.

Jenn said...

G's favorite books are from the I'm Dirty series from the McMullans (or anything about trucks), and anything super heros like the easy readers from DC Super Friends. Lo's favorites are the Olivia series, Marley and the Kittens, anything by Leslie Patriceli, Fancy Nancy books, and the entire Biscuit series. As a family we love all Eric Carle, Katy and the Kittens, and the Pete the Cat books (and we super duper love listening to the author read/sing his books on YouTube!)

annalee said...

such a great lineup! I didn't know about Little Blue Leads the Way... thanks to you I just ordered it on amazon:)

LOOOOVE everything by Kevin Henkes.

Excited to check out your other recommendations too, thanks.


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