Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Downtown Cowl: KAL progress

I’ve made much more headway on this knitting because once I got the hang of the pattern it started to fly by.  Sure, there are a few mistakes here and there, but they blend in just fine and I was able to fix the error on the next row.  Plus I was exhausted after our first day of VBS Monday and did nothing but knit during naptime.  I’ve got some sewing to work on this week so I should have a finished project to show you next week.  It is really starting to look like a cowl and I love the chevron pattern.  I used a slightly heavier weight yarn so you don’t see the spaces in the pattern as much, but I think I like this version.


Since there is still plenty of time left in the KAL, I’ve decided to make another project and hope to get that project cast-on after I buy the yarn this weekend.  I’m sure some of my fellow knitters will die, but all my yarn comes from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s.  I love the yarns I can find at these stores, but drool over all the fancier yarns I see online.  Since my next project is for me, I have decided to splurge and use a nicer yarn, just wish I had an idea of what color I want to use.  Lucky for me a brunch I am attending this weekend is next door to yarn shop that has some great reviews.  I’ve already warned Chris that between brunch with the girls and browsing a yarn shop, he might not see me for hours. 

What are your favorite type of yarns?  Is there a store or type of shop that you could get lost in for hours?  Bookstores are easy to get lost in too and then I end up with more books on my never-ending list of to-read. 

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Victoria said...

Lovely colour choice and that pattern looks great!

My yarn tends to come from Hobby Craft (much smaller version of JoAnns), John Lewis if I'm lucky to get near one, or my not so LYS, which is fairly good :-) I'm still not brave enough to buy online!


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