Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview with a 4 year old

I try to do an interview with Taylor each birthday so that I can track how she views the world.  Last year didn’t go so well and she had so desire to sit and answer my questions or if she did, she did it very silly.  This year went much better, but ever since I did it she keeps “interviewing” me.  I love the mimicking she is into lately but also need to remember what I say and do!

What is your name? Taylor Michelle

When is your birthday? April 1-4

What is your favorite color? pink and purple

What is your favorite book? the Bible she got for her birthday

What is your favorite number? (holds two hands up) – 10

What is your favorite cartoon? Doc McStuffins

What is your favorite song? Marry Me (Marry You from the Glee Soundtrack)

What is your favorite movie? Rio

What is your favorite food? pasta, carrots, and strawberries

What is your favorite restaurant/out-to-eat place? the Lobster place with shrimp (Red Lobster)

What is your favorite thing to do? play in the craftroom

What is your favorite place to go? Nana’s house

Who are your friends? Carly, Mau, Mariana, Faith, Nicholas, and Carly from dance class

What do you need to go to sleep at night? Bunny, Hello Kitty, Princess Sparkles, and blankie

What do you like to wear? dresses

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Wendy said...

Ha. I googled interview with a 4 y.o. to get some questions to ask my 4 y.o. daughter. Ironically, her name is Taylor. Mine is Wendy. Maybe I should just link to your blog and pretend it's mine... ;)


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