Friday, April 6, 2012


I think it’s a requirement if you a)live in Texas and b)have kids, to go get photos of the kids in bluebonnets.  Last year there wasn’t a huge population of flowers, but this year they seem to be on every corner.  A couple weekends ago I made Chris walk with us to a patch of bluebonnets near the house.(too bad it takes me until now to get the pictures up) Taylor embraced the sunshine and loved the field of butterflies and flowers.  

riding in style

IMG_9394 IMG_9404 IMG_9415 

IMG_9420 IMG_9450 

this little one did not want to have her picture taken.

she wanted to play with the buckle in the wagon

or scowl at me

lil stinker

IMG_9454  IMG_9486 

chris and I trade out on taking pictures depending on who the kids need

he caught this cool photo of lizzie in my shadow

no special photo editing here, just random luck and fun little person face


trusting dad

IMG_9553 IMG_9556 

free spirit, loves this dress, wants to wear this dress everyday, I love this dress too, do they make my size?


learning about the cat claw on a bluebonnet that was laying on the ground.  I promise we didn’t pick a flower, but I will admit that I never knew about the cat claw.


sweetness and fun sunlight on blonde hair


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