Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Egg Hunt

We found out about a neighborhood egg hunt last minute and I was a bit worried that Lizzie might still be too small to understand the concept.  Her love for bags, or anything with a handle, came in handy.  In the 15 minutes before we left the house she had already filled it with toys and trinkets to take with her.  This girl was ready.  Taylor is an old pro at this, just not as competitive as the Lambert gene can be.  (warning: lots of photos in this post)

Taylor is the best at posing for me and looking sweet ~ Lizzie ready to start the hunt

IMG_9309 IMG_9313 

my favorite big person & my favorite littlest person


that look tells me so much


loves her paw-paw

IMG_9341 IMG_9343 

his girl ~ is this thing ever going to start???

IMG_9348 IMG_9354 

on the hunt ~ double score!

IMG_9358 IMG_9356

taylor on the hunt too ~ let me hold the basket daddy

 IMG_9361 IMG_9371 

hey that was my egg you took!

IMG_9373 IMG_9382 IMG_9385 

she thought she had won the lottery of easter eggs


1 comment:

MySanSouci said...

What fun! It is so cute when the little ones get into doing the stuff that the older ones are doing...despite the occasional fight over an egg or two!


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