Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Dance Camp

Last week Taylor got to spend each morning at the dance studio in Princess Dance camp.  A morning filled with crafts, activities, dancing, and everything princess is just what she(and I) since preschool has been out for a month.  Each morning was an adventure in what twirly outfit she would want to wear and which shoes went best with it. 

Monday - ready for the first day with her new princess shirt and skirt from Nana


Tuesday - So busy that she didn’t even have time to wait for Mommy.  She was a woman on a mission!


Wednesday - She wanted to dress like Ariel, but told me a she couldn’t dance in a mermaid tail.  Twirly purple skirts work better!


Thursday - I caught a sneak peek of her practicing their dance.  Yes she’s wearing the same outfit again, but that’s what she picked.


Friday - After some convincing she decided Mommy had a good idea of wearing a true princess costume today.  Chris and I gave her the new crown comb to wear in her hair and of course she had to wear the matching shoes.

IMG_9936 IMG_9937

Good thing she wore the dress because wouldn’t you know it… Cinderella came to visit!


And a week at camp wouldn’t be complete without learning a new princess dance.  I know there are Mom’s out there that princess thoughts keep our daughters from becoming strong women, but nothing could compare to the stories I heard each day and the smile on her face as she danced for us.  The Mom and dancer in me was thrilled to see her enjoy this and learn steps that I learned as a child. 


Lareina said...

The video was so cute! And Taylor did an amazing job...I think you have a dancer for life!

Sara said...

How super cute! Was she mouthing "hi mommy" and signing I love you to you at the beginning?


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