Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dear little green stool,

13 years ago you headed to west Texas with me and helped me reach all those high spots in my dorm room.  You quickly became a tv tray on a dorm floor for a best friend.  Then you served many years as a way for this short girl to reach taller parts of her closet.  Three years ago I had no clue that you would become so popular to my first girl.  You help her see the bathroom mirror better, reach to wash her hands, and climb up into our bed to snuggle in each morning.  Then my next girl came along and she finds new ways to use you too.  Normally it is to pull herself up to see what sister is doing, but I was reminded of those days you were a tv tray when she sat down at you.  Thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to make important women in my life smile!


1 comment:

Sara said...

You definitely got your money's worth out of that plastic stool!


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