Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Trip

(Lots of pictures in this post so just know that you’ve been warned!) 

A few weeks ago we headed south to visit our Texas beach.  I decided if we were going to sweat in this awful heat that we should at least do it with sand and water around us.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with a toddler(experiencing terrible three’s), an 8 month old, and us all in one hotel room.  Taylor thought the whole concept of a hotel room, and her own bed, was awesome.  Plus she liked the idea of watching TV while in bed and pushed our normal bedtime routine limits, but we’ll just call those vacation exceptions. 


I wasn’t sure what either girl would think of the sand or ocean, but they both loved it.  Taylor asking to go swimming from the moment she woke up and I think she might have been muttering something to that affect when she fell asleep.  Elizabeth loved the waves splashing on her.  Sorry there won’t be any those pictures posted here because I do not want to scare you with me in a swimsuit.(definitely time to lose those remaining pregnancy pounds… and maybe a few more)  Elizabeth also loved the sand.  She took off as soon as I put her down and then spent time prying shells and misc beach items from her hands before they made it to her mouth.  Chris and Taylor had fun with the bucket of beach toys that Ya-Ya sent with us.


Lizzie tried to join in on the mud pie fun and was covered from head to toes in sand.  I felt bad for the maid who had to clean our bathroom!  After an afternoon on the beach, we showered and headed to Bubba’s Icehouse for dinner.  It’s a great little family restaurant outside of the downtown area and had the best fried green beans!  Lizzie had recently started more finger foods and enjoyed a dinner of carrots, too bad most of then got mushed in her hair! 


Elizabeth decided that hotel life and snuggling with Daddy was pretty good too!


We had planned to go to the aquarium, but a certain toddler wanted to swim again so we jumped in the truck and headed for more water and sand.  Taylor thought it was funny that Daddy’s truck was going to ride a boat(the ferry across to Mustang Island), Lizzie couldn’t care less. 


I think my car lounging styles are rubbing off on Taylor.  I looked back at one point to see her little foot propped up.  Once on the island I loved seeing all the sites.  They have these cute little car/carts you can rent to get around.  How fun would that be!


Once we spied the perfect spot on the beach Chris attempted to drive across the soft sand to the edge of the water.  Let me preference this next picture with the fact that Chris drove a truck that I almost needed a stool to get into when we first met.  Mudding was a frequent hobby of his and therefore a little sand should not have been a problem.  I guess marriage and two kids have taken a toll on his dirt driving skills and he proceeded to make some nice ruts in the sand.  Taylor still gives him a hard time about the sand on the bumper! 


We had a blast on the beach.  Unfortunately, Lizzie was running a bit of fever due to teething and preferred to hang out in the tent and play with toys.  Taylor really enjoyed the ocean and we played follow-the-leader, jumped the waves, ran from them, and just enjoyed the water splashing on us.  Our beach time ended when Taylor needed to go potty and didn’t like the ‘ocean option’.  At least our potty training skills are working.

July 11-1

Lizzie and Chris enjoyed a little father/daughter naptime later on.  After that we enjoyed some time in the hotel pool but the lighting was so bad that my pictures didn’t turn out too well. 


I was so thankful for a weekend away with my three favorite people!

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