Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick the sibling

Everyone talks about how much the girls look alike and I often wonder if I would even be able to figure it out from similar pictures.  Just for fun I have created a quiz to see if all my blog reader lovelies can figure it out.(plus I want to know how you did)  Make your guesses and then scroll to the very bottom to see how you did AND no cheating!!! 

1.  No hands needed for this skill! Which is Taylor?

A. IMG_3844 or B. IMG_0860

2. Exersaucer fun - Which is Elizabeth?

A. IMG_0655 or B. IMG_9435

3. Tummy time - Which is Taylor?

A. IMG_0689 - Copy or B. IMG_9353

For the rest of these, guess if you think it’s Taylor or Elizabeth

4. IMG_0341

5. IMG_0306

6.  IMG_1679

7. IMG_9117

8.  IMG_0470 

9. IMG_1605 

10.  IMG_0454 - Copy

11.  IMG_2258

12.  IMG_2485 

13.  IMG_1002


Before I reveal the answers, I just wanted to say that it was fun looking back through pictures of both girls. 

While pulling photos for this quiz, I realized that I will soon be able to tell the difference in baby pictures.  We got Taylor’s ears pierced before she turned 6 months old and I want to wait until after our family pictures to get Elizabeth’s done.(just in case of some freak side affect from the earrings)  I also realized that Taylor started crawling right before she was 6 months old and all the Legos, doll shoes, and Tinkerbell’s tiny tools stress me out I’m not ready for Elizabeth to be crawling yet.  YIKES!  It was also hard to find pictures of the girls where background or people did not give away the picture.  I hope in twenty years I can still remember those clues.












1. B, 2. B, 3. A, 4. Taylor, 5. Taylor, 6. Elizabeth, 7. Elizabeth, 8. Taylor, 9. Elizabeth 10. Taylor, 11. Elizabeth, 12. Elizabeth, 13. Taylor

How did you do??


Anonymous said...

Good Grief I got 3 of these wrong!!!!! 3, 4, and 6


Jenn said...

I did pretty good! Your girls do look a lot alike, but Taylor's sweet cheeks were the only thing that helped me tell them apart in the pictures!

MySanSouci said...

I just can't get over how much alike they are! Amazing! Beautiful babies!

Sara said...

I didn't do very well, they look a lot alike to me!


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