Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Traditions

I grew up with my own family traditions for Easter.  I never sought out the perfect Easter dress, but more a new Easter swimsuit.  Most of my Easter’s were spent at my grandparents lakehouse.  We went to the sunrise service that overlooked the dam, but you dressed to stay warm while dining on donuts and hot cocoa rather than frilly dresses.  When my grandparents had to sell their lakehouse, this tradition(that I greatly loved) had to end.  I was so excited when Chris and I got married and I found out about his family’s Easter traditions.  We start the day with Mass to celebrate our risen King, breakfast and enjoying whatever we gave up for Lent, and then heading to Chris’ Aunt’s house for lunch and cascarones.  It is such a great way to remind our girls of their heritage(1/8 blonde and blue eyed Mexican beauties Smile) and have fun at the same time.  I’m still debating if the kids or adults have more fun and after seeing Chris hide 2 dozen cascarones in our car for later attacks make me believe it would be the adults.

Last year Taylor enjoyed finding the eggs and crushing them, but only to let the confetti fall to the ground.  She had no interest in putting the confetti on anyone else but didn’t mind a few crushed on her head.  This year she got a bit more into it.  She was running with the adults big kids and would pull open the eggs to pour the confetti on your head.  Plus she pulled the cute card a few times to try and get more eggs(even while she still had a basket full).

Taylor got a head start on filling her basket before the older kids came out.  She also decided to be picky about which ones she wanted.  She will learn in time that you grab before someone else does.

I had great hopes of capturing the perfect picture of our girls in their matching dresses.  I love being able to dress our girls alike and Taylor actually likes it.  But by this part of the day, Elizabeth had pulled her bow off too many times to count and covered the top of her dress with drool.  Poor things had me, Chris, Chris’ mom, and Chris’ sister all trying to get them to look at the camera and smile.  Not too bad, but I hope Heather has better luck next weekend!

Now back to the fun!



I had no clue that Chris took these pictures until I took them off the camera.  Elizabeth was having fun making funny faces at Chris.


Back to Taylor fun… don’t you love how everyone so politely bends over so Taylor can get them with a confetti egg???


Then Taylor saw that Chris had more eggs and proceeded to take them from him.  After many tries to take the whole carton, she conceded to asking for just a few of Daddy’s instead of them all.  Then they planned their next attack.


Lizzie became the next attack and obliged to Taylor’s fun.   She adores Taylor and I think she enjoyed being included.


More attacks on Daddy, KK, Aunt Adie, Uncle Jeffy and attacks on Taylor


Break to see how Elizabeth just can’t hang with the big kids this year, but watch out for her next year SmileIMG_4434


I hope this glorious weekend brought lots of fun to your household and you were able to spend the day with family.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!


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MySanSouci said...

What a great family photo! So nice to get one of everyone together.


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