Saturday, December 5, 2009

Short Lived Snow

In Texas, the hint of snow and we go into a frenzy and get all excited.  Going to college in Lubbock I got to see snow several times each year and it actually stayed for more than a few hours.  Even though I saw it often in college, as an Austinite I get excited about the chance to see it again.  So when the weatherman predicted that around 10 am Friday we would have a white wonderland I made sure the camera and our jackets were handy.  A couple hours later we finally saw some flurries.  I bundled Taylor up and we headed outside.  I think Taylor thought I was crazy dragging her out in the cold after telling her all week that we couldn’t play outside because it was too cold, but she was a good sport and played along with the whole snow idea.  You can tell by looking at the ground that our ‘snow’ was just enough to look at but didn’t last for very long and within 30 minutes the sun was back out.  Gotta love Texas weather!

IMG_5612  IMG_5621 IMG_5626

This is the look you get when you tell a toddler that Mommy is now too cold and it’s time to go inside.


I hope we get the chance at a real snow sometime this winter so that I can see the delight on her face the first time she plays in the snow!

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