Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in review

Here we are a few weeks late, but doesn't that seem to be my blog theme lately. The reason this time could be better if Tech would have actually won their bowl game, but I still enjoyed going and seeing some of our friends from college. I also love watching my husband pretend that he's 19 again and throw together one mean tailgating party. He did a great job, the only difference between then and now is that rather than lining his truck up at the gates at 5 am for a prime parking spot, he opted for 8:45(they opened at 9) so that we could get the baby to Nana. Oh how things have changed! Stayed tuned and hopefully I'll pull some of the pics off my camera for a quick bowl game post later on. On to our Christmas celebrations...

We head to Fort Worth to celebrate with my family the weekend before Christmas. My nieces got to stay the night at my mom's house, so Taylor was able to spend lots of time with her cousins. She just squeals when she sees them. She probably gets that from me, because I LOVE my nieces and get excited when I see them too! This was Taylor's first time to open presents and didn't care to much for them until she saw what was under the wrapping paper. She would squeal with delight and then try to figure out how to get to the new toy. She definitely made opening presents fun and quickly learned that these crazy wrapped items were new toys for her. Good thing Nana put puffs and Cheerios in her stocking, because she loves those!

Taylor & Johanna *** Kailee, Taylor, & Johanna

Then we headed to my grandmother's for breakfast on Sunday. Taylor had this gift thing down and just waited for us to open the gifts so that she could see what wonderful thing was in store for her.

I just loved watching her excited expressions with each new toy. Chris also made sure to get a picture of me and Taylor since I'm always behind the camera.

Skip forward a few days to Christmas Eve. We went we to Midnight Mass(at 11 pm) as we normally do. We took Taylor in her pj's and she tried so hard to stay awake, but didn't even make it to communion. It was interesting to think back to last year since she spent the entire Mass moving around in my belly that I accidentally kicked the pew in front of us. As a new tradition, Chris' family came over to our house for breakfast on Christmas morning so that they could watch Taylor open her presents at home. They also brought over ALL their presents. We couldn't resist taking a picture of Taylor amongst the piles.

Once again, we had fun watching Taylor get excited over her new toys, books, and puzzle. I help her with the toys and Chris puts them together/plays with them. Please don't be scared by my pj/no makeup look. We celebrate Christmas morning in our pj's in this family.

Uncle Jefe & Aunt Shelly **** Taylor's new ride

It was a wonderful Christmas and Taylor is one lucky little girl! We are very blessed to have been able to spend the holiday season with so many family members! We are now trying to figure out where all these toys go and where the off button is for the noisy toys. Any tips from experienced mom's on how to best handle toy organization?

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