Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor update and glass class

Taylor did great at the doctor yesterday. She is currently weighing 15 lbs 10 oz and is 25 inches long. The doctor doesn't think she's teething yet, but just discovering new body parts, like her tongue. He also suggested waiting another month before starting rice cereal, so you'll have to wait for pictures of her first solids. Taylor spent most of the appointment talking to everyone and then changed her mood with her 4 month old shots. Poor baby girl, but it's a good thing that Nana got her Hello Kitty band aids to make her feel better. Here is a our little girl as she was relaxing after her doctor appointment yesterday.

After taking care of little girl all day, Chris took over Daddy Duty so that I could go to glass class. I am attending glass class on Monday nights for the next 4 weeks. Last night we learned how to cut glass, the different types of glass art, fusing glass, and the tools we need to use. Then we created three similar glass tiles that they will fire three different ways so that we can compare the types of firing. One of the best parts of the class is that we got enough people we know to join so it's our own private class. For those of you who followed the blog pre-Taylor, you know that I love to do different crafts. Stamping will just have to wait for right now while I experiment with glass crafts. Here are some of the pre-fired tiles that we created last night:

And yes the parts that look like granules will melt down to form either a clear or opaque glass.

I don't know what's going on with the picture on the right, but it keeps uploading it sideways. You can still get the picture.

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Bellawhoop said...

Poor baby girl getting those yucky shots!

The glass making is intriguing! What prompted you to want to try this? How interesting! I can't wait to see how these look after firing. :)


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