Tuesday, August 5, 2008

American Gladiator

Have you ever met an American Gladiator? Well I can say that I know the winner from this season and a contender. Ally Kelly-Davidson is a childhood friend of my sister-in-law and we have been following her and her husband, Jeff, as they competed on the American Gladiator this summer. It all started when Ally's sister kidnapped her the day of her wedding telling her to put on her veil and workout clothes. She took Ally to the tryouts for American Gladiator where she auditioned. The producers loved her story and asked her husband to join for a couples episode. So, Jeff and Ally spent 2 out of the first 3 months of their marriage in LA training and filming American Gladiator. Two weeks ago we watched Ally in the semi-finals at the Alamo Drafthouse and then last night we went back again to watch her win the whole competition. Taylor did wonderful each time, even though it was a little past her bedtime. We figured out quickly the first time that Taylor was not happy unless she could see the screen and cheer Ally on. Jeff made it to the semi-finals with the best men's time, but got hurt during the Eliminator and wasn't able to finish and continue on to the finals. We are so proud of both Ally and Jeff!

Here is a picture of Taylor with the Ally during the semi-final showing.

This is the whole Lambert family with Jeff and Ally after we watched her win the finals!

Taylor was still excited for Ally when we got home

Ally is starting up Camp Gladiator for those of you in the Dallas area. You can also go on her website and read all about her journey during American Gladiator. Once again...

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