Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 Months

Taylor turned 4 months old this past Thursday and this past month has flown by since she has been a busy little girl. Taylor attended her first Lambert family trip to Rio Bonito, started sleeping in her crib, rolled from front to back, rolled from back to front, went to her first baseball game, went out on the lake a couple more times, had her cousins come stay the weekend, became one of God's blessed children(Baptized), celebrated mommy's birthday, gained lots of weight, and kept mom and dad up all night with a cough for the first time. Her monthly pictures in the chair are getting much easier. Here are some pictures from her past month:

Taylor and Ally * Ally(Gladiator Winner), Jeff(Gladiator Semi-Finalist), and the Lamberts

Taylor's first baseball game * Go Round Rock Express!

Taylor now LOVES tummy time and flips to her tummy anytime she can. Her newest move is to kinda scoot herself across the blanket with her legs. As soon as she gets those arms down I am in trouble. This kid is ready to take off. I even find her sleeping with her butt in the air in her crib!

Father Elmer, who also married us in the church, Chris, Taylor, & I at Taylor's Baptism

Some of the other things that Taylor has been up to lately:
  • constantly drooling, we think she might be beginning to teethe
  • gaining weight... she weighed 15 lbs 5 oz at the dr last week
  • sleeping all through the night.. i know, i was shocked that this one is already here
  • holding onto small soft objects for short periods of time
  • sleeps on her tummy
  • is somewhat of a momma's girl
  • loves to stand up in your lap
  • HATES wet diapers with a passion, but doesn't mind the dirty ones.. go figure
  • looks forward to 4/5 pm when daddy gets home
  • loves to be rocked to sleep
  • talks alot! also talks very loud at times
  • is starting to notice Sadie(our black lab)
We go tomorrow for Taylor's 4 month checkup with the doctor and I am curious to see if he puts our little girl on rice cereal due to her great strides in weight gain. Check back to tomorrow to see our doctor updates and pray for me to have strength to watch Taylor get her next round of shots!


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