Thursday, April 3, 2008

37 Week Update

Quick update for you...
Went to the doctor yesterday, Wednesday, for my weekly checkup and Taylor and I are still doing great. Taylor's heartbeat is around 150 and my blood pressure is still very low. My swelling is still just in my feet and ankles, but the doctor is still not worried about it too much. I don't think Taylor has turned, but they will do an ultrasound before the C-section to make sure that she hasn't. The doctor is hoping that there will be an opening at the hospital on Monday the 14th so that we can bump my C-section up, but as of right now we are still on for 11:30 on the 15th.

I realized that I didn't share the picture of Taylor from last week's ultrasound, so here is it. It's pretty hard to tell what you are looking at since they were having to take the picture from across my belly and Taylor's pretty swished in there right now. Turn your head to the left and look for the white blob in the center. That is her nose and lips and the dark spots right above it are her eyes. I think her arm is covering part of her face. Don't worry if you can't find her face right away, it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was looking at. I almost wondered if it was like looking at those 3D photos where you have to cross your eyes to see the image.

Here are some interesting facts about Taylor and my pregnancy that you might enjoy:
Taylor is very active after I have lemonade
She stays on the right side of my belly and kicks me when I try to sleep on my right side
We thought her head was her butt until we had the most recent ultrasound
I've had strawberries to eat almost every day of the pregnancy
She's always active around 9:30-10:30 at night(must get that from her nightowl father)
Taylor normally starts to be active in the mornings after she hears Chris' voice
My belly is large enough that I rest the Nintendo DS on it while playing(Chris got it for me so that I wouldn't get bored while trying to keep my feet up and swelling down)

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