Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last Email Update

I just sent out our last email update to friends and family about Taylor. I may do one more post before she gets here, but thought I would go ahead and post the update on here too:

It's our final update before our baby girl gets here and we cannot wait for that day to get here! It has been such a wonderful journey and an experience that I would not trade for the world.(Even when my ankles are so swollen that I could barely walk or when any smell bothered me in the first trimester) I have truly enjoyed every moment of pregnancy and look forward to all the moments of motherhood that will fill the rest of my life. If you wish to follow Taylor and all our parenthood adventures you are welcome to subscribe or read my blog at It won't be updated a whole lot in the beginning, but I will try to update at least once a week for a while.

Now on to the doctor appointment.... Taylor's heartbeat was in the 130s-140s and still strong. My blood pressure is still low and no dilation at all. The doctor could tell that Taylor is still breach and we are still going forward with the C-section. Someone had their baby early, so we were able to be moved to Monday at 8:30am. The doctor will do a quick ultrasound prior to surgery to make sure that she's still breech and if she is then we will proceed with the C-section. If she has flipped then they will send me home and make me wait until 40 weeks before they induce labor. The doctor doesn't think she'll flip if she hasn't at this point. Our little girl should be here around 9 am if they get started on time. We will do our best to let everyone know as soon as possible how everything goes. I wanted to thank everyone for all the kind thoughts and support throughout the pregnancy. It is so wonderful to know how much this little girl is loved and she's not even here yet! Only 4 1/2 more days until she is!!!

Here are two of the pictures that Chris took of me tonight. Don't laugh too hard at my HUGE belly!

Just as a comparison, here is a picture of my from two months ago in the same shirt:

I think I've reached the limits of this shirt today!

Now quit laughing!


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