Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tooth Fairy Time

Taylor had been waiting for months to loose her first tooth.  Almost a year ago the dentist said that two of her bottom teeth might be loose soon but nothing for months.  Taylor even wrote two letters to the tooth fairy wanting to know when her time would come.  Then she came home from school Friday mentioning that her bottom teeth were sore.  Wiggling teeth grosses me out.  I know I have many years ahead of me of children loosing teeth, but I just can't stand to watch it happen.  Taylor's tooth was so loose this morning that she barely ate breakfast for fear of losing it.  Luckily it fell out before lunch at school so I didn't have a starving kid on my hands.  Props to the school nurse for having fun little treasure boxes for when you loose a tooth.  Taylor went to bed tonight with a letter proudly displayed for the tooth fairy and her tooth tucked into her tooth fairy pillow.(I bet the tooth fairy loves that she doesn't have to find that itty bitty tooth under her pillow tonight)  While she dreamed of fairies Chris and I were busy googling the going rate for a tooth.  I heard that our fairy left $2(big money for the first tooth) and a Rainbow Magic Fairy book about the Tooth Fairy.

Here's our girl with her new smile(and sassy new haircut).

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Cherry Blossoms said...

Big Night for your sweet girl!


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