Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taylor Tuesday

I had this photo of Taylor writing in her journal ready for today and then I realized if I really am documenting what Taylor is doing(for those who don’t know, I make a book each year with all these pictures and my comments) then I need to show Taylor’s recent battle wound.  Our family had a second Nerf war and when Taylor battled the driveway, the driveway won.  She had the best attitude about it and was only a little afraid of heading back from the Christmas break to school with her new battle wound.  We all told her that it would be so much fun to tell the story of how it happened but she only told her friends that she fell on the driveway.  There is no way I would’ve passed up the chance to tell a more exciting story since most of my injuries come from my pure klutziness.  I sure how she doesn’t get my graceful coordination!


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