Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taylor Tuesday

I’m two days late but determined to start this year off right and get you pictures of our girls.  It doesn’t help that we start our day like this and often end our day snuggled on the couch watching movies.  If if you asked me at the beginning of Christmas break how I felt, you might have heard me muttering something about feeding the kids to the sharks are our new aquarium, but then something changed and we’ve had a blast.  We’ve played games, raked leaves, played outside, played with friends, enjoyed Christmas traditions, caroled, built gingerbread houses, eaten way too many sweets, busted out many choruses of the Frozen soundtrack, had more than one candy cane before lunchtime, watched lots of holiday cartoons/movies, and stretched our imaginations in playtime.  I can’t believe our break is coming to an end, but I do look forward to routine again and watching what 2014 unfolds for our family.


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MySanSouci said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday break! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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