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Well… dos and a month to be more exact.  Our Lizzie turned two last month and while I’ve been making notes about what she’s been up to, I never sat down and actually blogged about it.  Hopefully she won’t hold this against me when she’s 14 and full of teenage fun!  Bear in mind that I wrote this post almost as a letter to Lizzie for her baby books that I create. 

Lizzie Dos

Oh Miss Elizabeth!  You are the funny, feisty, snuggly, spunk of our family.  You may be little(only 26 pounds) but you are FULL of life and energy!  I often feel like a rookie mom with you and I love how you have introduced me to another way of being a Mom.  While this isn’t always fun, I love that you aren’t just like your sister and have carved out your own path.  You are lovingly referred to as: Lil’ Bit, Lizzie, Elizabeth, Busy Lizzie, my little monkey(you love to climb and cling to me when I carry you), baby girl, and Lizbear.  Taylor loves to call you all kind of sweet names, but Sweetie has to be her most used.  Taylor would love on you all day if you would let her, unfortunately you only allow it for 15 sec intervals a few times a day.  I started working on teaching you to say ‘two’ and hold up two fingers a few weeks before your birthday.  You decided that Mommy’s way wasn’t as much fun and promptly reply “Dos” whenever asked your age and hold up your index finger and thumb.  Love it!  Our family is so entertained by this and you never fail when asked.

IMG_3259 IMG_3351

You are the eternal grazer.  You would snack all day if I would allow it, but then what would I do with you during mealtime?  Sometimes you shock us by eating 6 bowls of cereal or 3 servings of mac-n-cheese, but most the time you eat a few items from your plate and then request a popsicle.  You haven’t quite grasped the concept that we don’t eat dessert after breakfast, but I like your thinking.  You will request ice cream sometimes as dessert, but would much rather have a popsicle.  You love french fries, chicken nuggets, cheese, grapes, apples(without the skin), any kind of fruit snacks but always ask for Nemo ones, yogurt melts, pasta, ground beef from taco soup/taco dip(you call it ‘meat’ and LOVE it but won’t eat it unless you think it’s coming from my plate/bowl), cheetos, fried okra, candy(especially sweetarts or suckers), the center part of oreo cookies, and any kind of popsicle.

IMG_4638 IMG_7884

Lately you have become quite the coloring enthusiast and you often want them out after we finish meals at the table.  You love stickers and I think you enjoy pulling them off as much as you do putting them on the paper.  Most of your art projects that have glued/stickered items are bare because you pulled the parts back off after it was finished.  Too bad you won’t use the paper again! 

Lizzie started preschool this fall and while I was a bit nervous, she is loving it.  We still have a fun mornings where she clings to me as we get closer to the building and a few tears as I leave, but her teachers are amazing and she is fine within minutes.  She is so proud of the art work she does, is learning more songs, sings the ABCs as she does any motion like washing her hands(even if it’s while playing with her yogurt) and knows most of the song, knows the names of all her classmates, and I love seeing her happy face when I pick her up.  I have enjoyed a few hours to get some stuff done kid-free but can’t wait to pick them up each afternoon.  I knew going in that getting Lizzie to eat her lunch was a lost cause, but for some reason she finds it fun to eat what’s left on the way home.  Whatever works!

IMG_2994 IMG_3366

Lizzie didn’t take long to find her own groove in our dance parties and often cracks us up with her wiggles and shakes.  The kid has moves!  She even dances to the short songs on commercials and runs for her tutu each time so that she is properly dressed to dance.  Lizzie is very picky about her music and always has a song request in the car.  Some favorites are We Are(from Ice Age), Let It Grow(from Lorax), Tick Tok, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, anything Imagine Dragons, and anything by Martina McBride.  She can be quite the little stinker to get in a carseat when she is tired and will fight me like crazy.  Both of us are sweaty and crying by the end of it and for some reason a good Enya, Jack Johnson, or Sarah McLaughlin song can bring you back to a calm state.  Thank God for a well stocked Ipod and a kid who likes good music!

IMG_3144 IMG_7916

We often joke that Lizzie is way too smart for her own good.  She was unzipping zippers at 9 months old, climbing on the kitchen table at a year old, required us to baby-proof items that Taylor still doesn’t mess with, and now she can count to ten.  I wish I could take credit for this and say that I worked hard at teaching her counting with cute flash cards, but I think it comes from all the hours spent playing hide-n-seek with Taylor.  Now how do I turn potty training into a fun game???

IMG_3173 IMG_7688

I worried that since Taylor is constantly talking that Lizzie wouldn’t be able to get a word in, but that is not true.  She amazes us with her speech until she decides to scream to get our attention.  Common phrases heard coming from you: luv you, luv your guts, me too, shoes on outside, mommy sit down color, mommy play this?, I get Taylor, pick-e me up, this way(once picked up she directs you which way to go), and cheers(like with glasses).

Favorites books: Go Dog Go, Cinderella, Pajama Time, Little Blue Truck, Are You My Mother?, anything in the Llama Llama series, He Bear She Bear, One Fish Two Fish, and Buzy Bear

Favorite movies/tv shows: Bubbie Guppies, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, and Handy Manny

IMG_3207 IMG_4805

You love to give big hugs at the most random times like the grocery store and at the dinner table, but I will take them anytime you give them out.  Plus you generally follow up with big kisses and I know these won’t last forever.  Please don’t grow out of this phase too quickly and let me love on you for many years to come!  I don’t love that you get up at the crack of dawn, but love seeing your happy face greeting me each morning.  Just learn to sleep a little closer to when my alarm goes off.  I love you sweet girl and can’t wait to keep watching your personality bloom.

Love, Mom

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