Monday, November 5, 2012


As luck would have it the girls had their preschool parades on different days, so I needed a fun outfit for them to wear on the day they watched the parade.  My mother-in-law is starting to make fun shirts(more to come on that soon) and these haunted house shirts were just right.  Taylor tends to go for this pose lately and Lizzie… well Lizzie thought she was playing hide-n-seek with me.  At least she’s looking at the camera.  Lizzie is wearing a skirt that I made.  Yes that does mean I have been sewing, took a few pictures, and will post about that soon too.

IMG_2709 IMG_2719 

The preschool parade is where the kids walk around the circle drive twice.  Lizzie lucked out and got to be pulled in a wagon the entire time.  Life as an almost 2 year old is rough!  Taylor wanted to be Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony so Lizzie is her sidekick, Spike the dragon. 

IMG_7710 IMG_7732 

Don’t ask me what part of a purple dress and crown reminds you of this pony, but I think I did pretty good making Lizzie look like Spike.


Somewhere in our attic is a tub containing some of our Halloween d├ęcor, including our 8’ wide blow up spider. Chris thought the yard looked a little lonely without the spider so he got up a 8’ tall ghost.  Lizzie fell in love with the ghost and named him Spooky.  She informs us anytime he falls over, has to check on him every morning/after nap, and runs to to greet him when getting in/out of the car.  “I see Spooky” has become a common phrase from Lizzie.  Chris then got us another spider, but this one has a head that moves from side to side.  He has become known as Creepy.  We might become “that house” with Halloween decorations up until Christmas since I’m not sure I can bear a sad Lizzie without Spooky and Creepy.

   IMG_7668 IMG_7667

Lizzie, aka Spike, attacking Creepy with her flashlight.


My little trick-or-treaters.  The best part of Lizzie’s outfit is her tail.  After putting off sewing her outfit for weeks, someone posted this link a few days before Halloween and Pinterest became my saving grace.  Several houses busted out laughing when Lizzie would turn to walk away.  The tail is probably as big as she is and I convinced her to wear it by telling her that no one would give her candy unless she wore it.  I know I’m a bad Mommy, but the tail was worth it. 

IMG_7770 IMG_7773 IMG_7805

Over the past few days I have heard lots of talk about what to do with all the candy our kids get.  Not only did  my girls get more candy than they need(even after I take my Mommy tax out), we ended up with only one trick-or-treater and tons of our own candy left.  My brother and sister-in-law told me about the Halloween Fairy a few years ago and it has been the best.  Kids are to pick out a certain number(think counting skills here) of pieces from their bag and then leave the rest for the Halloween Fairy.  The Fairy takes all the given candy to share with kids who weren’t able to go trick-or-treating and leaves your kids a surprise.  The Fairy left our girls the new Tinkerbelle movie.  For some reason, my husband all the sudden had a bucket of candy arrive on his desk November 1st too.  Hmmm… wonder how that happened and gladly it keeps me from eating anymore of the candy!

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