Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink Boots

Shoes are hit or miss with Elizabeth and my goal right now is just to find a pair that she won’t constantly take off.  Nothing better than running late and when you go to get her out of the carseat you find her without shoes or socks and they have been flung to the back of the car.  A few months ago I found these cute pink Ugg-like boots that Elizabeth held onto until we paid for them.  She loves these boots and is constantly bringing them to us so that we can put them on her.  She even says ‘boos’ when we mention shoes.  Too bad everytime I try to have her wear them out of the house they are off as soon as she is in the carseat.  I know that cute shoes can be worth a little pain when I’m wearing them, but no one told me I would have to deal with pains from my girls’ shoes too :)

IMG_1584 IMG_1586IMG_1590

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