Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lizzie 0, Concrete 1

It was bound to happen.  Sooner or later there is some kind of first big fall where you realize that the war-wounds will hang around for a few days and make for interesting photos.  (see example of Taylor vs plant pot at 18 months old)


Lizzie and the sidewalk went head to head and I think the concrete might have won this time.  There was some blood, a few tears, some Bubble Guppies while Mommy cleaned her up, and a few minutes of snuggle time while the freezie pack was held to her head.  Then back outside to play again.  By the end of the night she looked like this…


And two days later this…

IMG_1867 IMG_1876

She is more annoyed that she has to sit still long enough for me to put Neosporin on it than she is bothered by it.  I love you kid and the way you always stand back up, dust your hands off, and keep on going.

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