Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doll Shoes

For the first 10-12 years of my life I loved them and then started to love them again once Taylor reminded me of how fun they are.  Barbie shoes.  They complete an outfit, are the perfect accessory, something you can’t have too much of, and come in every color.  I never had a problem with them until I started to think of Elizabeth crawling soon and then I panicked.  Plus, Taylor is not old enough to really keep up with them very well.  After losing Barbie’s shoe during a recent road trip almost sent Taylor into a tantrum, I came up with a solution.  Why not glue the shoes onto the dolls?  Taylor has no desire to take the shoes on and off right now.  In the meantime, I have solved the issue of little sister eating shoes and avoided meltdowns over missing shoes.  So this morning my craft room looked a bit like this as I tested the strength of Gorilla Glue on doll shoes.


Taylor got a set of ALL the fairies(and yes we have two Tinkers) for Christmas and I had managed to get her to keep the clear rubber bands on the shoes.  This worked well to hold the shoes in place while they dried.  They look just like the rubber bands I use in Taylor’s hair, so you could use that too.  I did this in the morning and by bedtime they were dry.  On a couple of the dolls, the glue had seeped out, but it was easy to scrap that off. 


Now we don’t have to worry about lost shoes for dolls, except for Cinderella.  She has been missing one slipper since we got her but I figured it seems appropriate.  Anyone want to come play dolls?

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MySanSouci said...

Great idea! Those shoes were always getting lost when I was sister and I used to fight about who lost them...


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