Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby got… giggles???

I think I’ve watched way too many reruns of Friends when I can’t help but think of the episode where Ross and Rachel get Emma to laugh by singing/rapping Baby Got Back because Chris was able to get Elizabeth to laugh the other night, but only by making fake fart noises.  Yes, that’s right.  My sweet little girl loves to hear Daddy make fake fart noises.  Taylor loved it when I made a strange grunting noise and now farting for our other sweet princess.  No matter what it is, I love every second of hearing that sweet belly laugh and seeing her face light up.  It amazes me how a sweet little laugh can make your heart smile!

Now our biggest problem is that she won’t laugh for us again and we’ve tried everything.  Stubborn little girl!   What funny things did you do to get your little one to laugh?  I am out of ideas over here!

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Sara said...

So cute and precious! She's getting so big! I agree with you, baby laughs are the best!


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