Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sisters Saturday

Can you tell which part of English I paid attention to the most??  I have a thing for alliteration and when I told Chris I felt bad using one of the girl’s days to post a picture of both of them, he suggested I do Sisters Saturday.  Keep in mind that I use this blog as a journal for my family to follow and for my girls to read one day.  I hope the pictures make them laugh, smile, and be embarrassed on more than a few occasions.  So once a month I will do Sisters Saturday to document the love(or frustrated) relationship between my girls.  I would have loved to have boys, but am really loving girls.  I can do pink, purple, bows, dresses, princess stuff, and all things girly.  I also love dresses the girls in matching outfits until they are too cool for that.  Taylor even enjoys it and helps me pick out their outfits. 

This photo made me laugh because Taylor was being a ham posing for me and Elizabeth was just fascinated with Taylor’s hand.


Happy Saturday!

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