Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo Booth

At the beginning of the month, Chris, his sister, and I attended a wedding where they had a photo booth at the reception.  I love this idea and it only reminded me of the many pictures taken by Partytime at sorority and fraternity parties during my college days.  It’s a good thing Partytime didn’t start posting pictures online until I was a senior.  It’s never good when you don’t recall actually taking the picture and then start laughing really hard when you see them because of the silly things you do.  No Mom, I never climbed on a piano while Natalie pretended to play it!  Well, it didn’t take me very long to drag Kellie over to the photo booth for a few pictures.  If you’ve seen Despicable Me then you will understand the middle picture.  Taylor loves to do this face since seeing the movie and we like to imitate her.


Once you took the pictures, they gave you a copy and then they would glue a copy on a scrapbook page for the bride and groom.  You also got to write a note near the pictures.  This got me thinking of what Chris and I should do for our photos.  They had all kinds of hat, wigs, boas, ect but I had a better idea.  The bride went to Texas Tech and the groom went to A&M and she got really excited when Chris wore his Tech boots.  She loved the idea of a Red Raider in the groom’s party.  So we did a picture to show love to our fellow Red Raider and then a few cute ones for fun.  It’s nice to have a picture of us since we are always the ones behind the camera.  I can’t wait to have Heather do our family photos in a few months!


And while viewing all the photos online, I cracked up at the bride and groom having fun too!


Next time you see a photo booth, take a few minutes to take pictures and feel like a kid again!

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Bellawhoop said...

You're so fun! Nathan & I saw a photo booth at the Redmond Town Center on Thursday and I was tempted to jump in with him. Not sure if he would have gone along with it, but now I wish we would have! Maybe I'll surprise him with that on a date night. :)


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