Monday, November 15, 2010

One Week Old

Elizabeth is now two weeks old, but I actually took pictures last week but never got around to blogging them.  Can’t figure out why I don’t have time to blog… maybe lack of consistent sleep or could it be the toddler that likes to test my patience??? 

I have to admit that it is amazing how much easier it is in the beginning your second.  Chris and I aren’t trying to figure out how to change a diaper or worry about how to hold Elizabeth.  She moves from one set of arms to another with ease and snuggles in without waking.  She LOVES to snuggle on your chest, especially once she is in her ‘milk coma’.  Every so often she graces us with open eyes just long enough to let us know what she needs.  We are enjoying her sweet sleeping faces and wonder what a newborn dreams about.  What in the world could make a newborn fret in her sleep?  No milk?  Elizabeth’s first week went by pretty fast since half of it was spent at the hospital.  Once home, we enjoyed lazy days around the house of sleeping, eating, and snuggling.  We laugh at the positions that Elizabeth ends up in since she loves to snuggle into a ball.  Chris is enjoying both of his girls!



I could kiss this sweet little face all day!


(I know there are LOTS of pictures, but there is a Nana several hours away already missing our littlest one)

I love the monthly photos of Taylor in her chair, so I started Elizabeth.  She is posing with a teddy bear that I got in college when my best friend passed away.  This bear has been a decoration item in our guest bedroom and I decided that it needed a new home and updated bow.  He will now be E’s faithful monthly picture friend and might become a soft buddy later. 

Taylor is currently in a no bow phase and I’m afraid Elizabeth wasn’t too excited about the headband/bow either.  Someone needs to tell her that this Mama LOVES bows and will keep trying. 


I included these to show off her monkey toes.  Both Taylor and Elizabeth have their PawPaw’s feet!IMG_1518IMG_1519IMG_1525IMG_1527

Just a few pictures of sleepy expressions.  I was so excited to catch these on her.  IMG_1531IMG_1533

Hope you enjoy these Nana!  Your girls miss you!


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What a doll! Enjoy this sweet, sweet time!


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