Sunday, January 31, 2010

Touches of Love

I normally dread when January rolls around because it means that all our beautiful Christmas decorations get taken down and the house looks so bare.  While I still think our house looks pretty bare, this was the first year I was ready to get the decorations down and get all of Taylor’s new toys organized.  So all month I’ve been watching other blogs for ideas on how to make our house festive for February and other spring months to come.  I couldn’t resist picking up a few pieces of felt at Joann’s the other day to attempt this project and LOVE how it turned out.  Chris picked up Glee season one(I got him hooked on the soundtrack) and started cutting out random sized hearts while we watched.  Then I just sewed them all in straight line just like suggested and cut then where needed. 


I used the garland to decorate our TV stand and several of the windows in our living room.  I plan on doing destroying some more felt while watching the Grammys tonight so that I can decorate along the stairs.

I’m sure you already saw my next project in the picture about, but another thing I picked up at Joann’s was a few white letters to spell LOVE.  I had to get past my OCDness and pick out random non matchy-matchy paper for these.  For some reason it just looks better this way.  Boy was I excited when I went to get my Mod-Podge out and found that I had a glitter version!  Maybe I should venture into that crafting drawer a little more often.   Added a little ribbon when they dried and viola!


  The next couple of steps were pretty simple.  I updated our wreath with my new magnets.  Thanks Laura!(if you leave in Houston go check out Paper Daisy for these and tons of cute invitations/stationary)  Then I added some magnets to the back of wood cutouts for Taylor to have on her part of the fridge.  As I type this she is bringing them to me to match to the picture and I’m sure the letters aren’t cute like this anymore.  Oh well… Do you know how hard it is to spell more than one word with her alphabet?  On Christmas, all I could come up with was ‘Happy Jesus’.  We only have one P and Y so I couldn’t even spell Happy Birthday Jesus.

IMG_6493  IMG_6495

I have a few more projects in mind and will try to remember to post about them as I decorate.  Hope you enjoyed my touches of pink, red, hearts, and glitter! 

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