Friday, January 8, 2010

No more bon-bons

It’s a running joke around my house that doing something during the day may take away from my time spent with my feet up eating bon-bons.  Well I may not be eating bon-bons all day, but I do love my chocolate whether it’s a bowl of ice cream or my new love of dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups.  After some major motivation from a friend(thanks Molly!) I decided to put the bon-bons down and join Weight Watchers.  I joined the online version and love that I can log all my food while I have my feet up.  The only downfall so far is choosing between eating a meal or my precious peanut butter cups.  I also realized that if I eat a blizzard that’s all I can have for the day.  But you bet it’d be a really good blizzard!  We’ll see how this adventure goes and how long before I beg Chris to had over the chocolate and not report me to the Weight Watchers people.  Plus you may see more crafts on here as I find myself trying to stay busy so that I don’t crave that chocolate fudge ice cream!  And no there won’t be any before and after pictures on here because I don’t care to have pictures of me like this roaming the internet. 


Hannah Stevenson said...

Hahaha! Good luck! Did you have to mention a blizzard?! Thanks for your comment and know that at least one other person is in the same boat!

annalee said...

I did ww in college and loved it! It's a great program. I think you always look great, but I know what it feels like for yourself so way to go for losing it! You are not alone:) I'm working on it too, and having to pretend I don't have thi constant sweet tooth!

Mindy said...

Good luck! I did WW the year I turned 30. I lost 30+ pounds in around 8 months. I thought the program was really easy to follow - I'm one of those nerds that likes to write things down.


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