Thursday, November 6, 2008


Back in September I won a contest for a free custom family board from the Shabby blog. I have always wanted one of these and just never broke down and bought one for myself. I am so proud of our family and love having something in our home to display it. Check out this cute board that she made me

I have it above our front door inside the house and it such a great addition to our home. I got to pick all the colors and the font. Plus, she sanded the edges for me to give it a bit of a love-worn look. And yes those are Texas Tech colors that just happen to go with all the red in our house. On top of winning this sign, the owner offered me a discount off my next purchase. It took a little bit for me to narrow it down, but couldn't resist this sign for outside my laundry room. It seems like laundry is just a never ending chore and is one of my least favorites to do besides dishes.

I was so excited when I got home one day and they were waiting for me on the front porch. I couldn't get Chris to hang them fast enough, but it just took me a little while to get pictures posted. On top of getting these two cute boards, the owner threw in a bonus board for me. Check out how cute this is and how perfect is goes with our home.

My Willow Tree figurine matches the colors in the board so well and fits it well. It actually sits on the media stand right next to our TV, so everyone in the living sees it as they are looking at the TV. Just imagine how cute it will look with Christmas garland around it soon! I can't wait for Christmas decorations. I just had to show off my newish decorations in case you are looking for Christmas present ideas.


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Jenn said...

Wendy, I LOVE the "Lambert" sign and I have already contacted them to make one for my friend who is getting married this Christmas!! I might have to get one for myself too!! :)


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