Monday, March 24, 2008


It's the long anticipated pictures of the nursery.....

This is the view as you reach the top of the stairs and round the corner towards Taylor's room. The frame straight ahead is from my Fort Worth shower. The mat is signed by all my family and friends and is just waiting for Taylor's picture.

As you enter the door this is the view. You can see the new curtains on the closet(Thank you Terrie aka Mia!). Also you can see my new rocker recliner that will get tons of use and is super comfy! That will make all those feeding s at 4am much easier and I'll try not to fall asleep myself!

As you look to the left of the closet you see a better view of my chair, sorry Chris, our chair and the purple curtains on the window. Another thanks goes out to Mia on those too. Thank god she helped do the sewing for the baby's room because I'm not sure how a pregnant Wendy behind the sewing machine would have been. The bassinet in front of the window will actually be going in our bedroom for Taylor to sleep in for a few weeks.

This is the shelf that we will be storing Taylor's breakables on until she figures out how to climb the crib and reach across to it. I'm sure all those stuffed animals will be tempting for her to play with, including her dad's Champ Bear Carebear. Yes that's right, Chris has a Carebear.

You've seen the crib in previous posts, but we hung the quilt above the crib so that you could see all the cute sea animals.

While I'll be in the chair, this is where you will find Chris after Taylor is born. :) I love how soft the changing pad cover is! By the way... in one of these drawers is where all the precious bows are stored!
You've also seen the bookshelf before, but I'm sure it looks a little different now. Taylor has started her collection of books and stuffed animals to start her off. On the top left corner of the bookshelf is the frog that kept Chris company in a previous blog. So far Sadie hasn't touched a single stuffed animal in Taylor's room. I wonder how long that will last.

So I know you've been wondering what was behind those green curtains and it's more than just the closet organization system that Chris put in. It's FULL of little girl clothes, blankets, diapers, bath supplies, toys, bottles, and all kinds of baby items that our friends and family have given us. I think I've bought 2 outfits for Taylor so far . Keep in mind that the closet goes back to the right and left for a few feet! We truly are blessed to have been given all these wonderful things. I hope Taylor knows how many people love her!

Well that concludes the tour of Taylor's room. I hope you've enjoyed it and if you stop by to visit after she is born, please don't expect it to look this clean!


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MWIT said...

The room is SO cute. I looked at this the other day but forgot to leave a comment! Her closet is already full and she's not even here yet! :) Looks like you're all set...we just need a little girl now!


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