Thursday, August 30, 2007

Plumeria Flowers

So, for those of you that know me, you know that I have a yellow thumb. I don't kill all my plants, but I don't have beautiful gardens that I dream of. Last year, my husband's co-worker brought us a branch off his Plumeria plant. I looked at Chris wondering how long it would take me to kill this thing too. Well... with a little love and all of God's rain this summer I have kept this thing alive. I keep it in the driveway right in front of where I park my car so that I can remember to keep it watered and the past few days have been really exciting. Most of the time it's a green stalk with a few leaves coming out of it and a few brown ones on the ground. A few days ago this bud stalk thingy started to grow out of the top. Each day it's gotten bigger and yesterday the buds grew and looked pink on the outside. (Now remember that I kill most plants, so I didn't bother to ask what color flower would grow on this thing.) I went around all day today telling everyone that my Plumeria plant was growing pink flowers and check out what I saw when I got home today
Yellow! Yes that's right, not pink at all like the bud behind them shows to be. But let me tell you that these are the prettiest and sweetest smelling flowers every. They remind me of being in Hawaii where we got married. I did a little zooming in the flowers so that you could see how pretty they were. Now comes the fun part of being outside trying to take pictures of my flowers. Sadie, our black lab, had to come play out front too. It's funny that she has a huge backyard to play in all day long, but seems to save all her energy for when we get home. She was running around the front yard like a mad woman until she figured out that I was taking pictures. I guess I've made her sit still for too many pictures that she now needs to have her picture taken every time the camera comes out. So here is Sadie trying to look cute for the camera. While Sadie is posing, the kitties decide to come out from inside the garage and get attention too. Here is Tessa rolling on the concrete like she loves to do. Can you tell that she's lost weight since becoming an outside kitty? She used to be even fatter if you can believe that! Well, SC couldn't miss out on getting attention too, but she doesn't like to get all the licks that Sadie likes to give her, so she kept popping in and out of the garage. This is all that I could catch of her. If you look really closely you will see her little nose and whiskers sticking out. Both kitties have become so much friendlier since going outside. Good thing, because I like having my laundry room back! Well that's enough animal and flower talking for me. I promise that this weekend I will have more stamping to show. Stay tuned!


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MWIT said...

Oh my goodness. The cats are so cute; Sadie is adorable and those flowers are gorgeous!


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